The Caren Archive is the most significant private collection of historical documents in the United States. The Archive contains an incredible array of original and historic newspapers, periodicals, manuscripts and photographs -- literally documenting how history unfolded on paper. If you're considering purchasing or selling items relating to major events from the 16th century through the 21st, The Caren Archive is the best place to start.

Eric C. Caren, proprietor of The Archive, began collecting baseball cards, stamps, coins and more when he was 5 years old. At age 11, he discovered some newspapers in an abandoned house and the rest is history.

After graduating from University of Maryland with a business degree, he directed a rare newspaper gallery in London at the then newly opened Covent Garden Market. Upon returning to the U.S. in 1983, Caren founded The Caren Archive and has been a full-time dealer in historical collectibles ever since. In 2001, the Newseum in Washington, DC, acquired more than 30,000 historic newspapers from The Caren Archive to build the majority of its permanent collection and feature exhibit.

To this day, Caren is still as passionate a collector as ever.

Eric C. Caren

Eric C. Caren

Caren Archive Licensing and Some Highlights of The Archive: The Caren Archive begun in the 1960's as a hobby is now acknowledged as one of the largest and most important private archives of original and rare newspapers, manuscripts, photographs, posters, broadsides, postcards, ephemera, etc. Over one million items containing millions of images and important content dating back to the dawn of printing and coming right through the Computer Age is to be found in our holdings. We are currently licensing material to select companies who are looking for historical and artistic imagery relating to almost every major event, person and genre conceivable. Many of the items in the archive are not available anywhere else including some of the major institutions throughout the nation! If you are looking to expand your product line or have a new product line and want to incorporate The Caren Archive brand into that line, please email us or call 914 772 8212. See list at right to get an idea of the range and quality of some of our holdings of original materials.

Eric C. Caren

Quick Credentials

  • Proprietor, The Caren Archive
  • President,
  • Member, National Press Club
  • Former Member, American Antiquarian Society (2000-2010)
  • Member, The Grolier Club
  • Former Director, Ephemera Society of America
  • Annual Contributor, The Official Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide
  • CEO, RetroGraphics Publishing
  • Consultant, Newseum
  • Author, The "Extra" Series - Castle Books
  • Co-Author, The Civil War Smithsonian Institution Headliners Series
  • Co-Founder, HCA Auctions
  • Former Consultant, Superior Auctions
  • Former Consultant, Smythe Auctions
  • Former President, Newspaper Collectors Society of America
  • Former Director, Historic Newspaper Gallery, Covent Garden Market, London
  • Member, The Manuscript Society


A sampling of original items contained in our vaults are:

Period Printings of- The Declaration of Independence, US Constitution, Bill of Rights, Louisiana Purchase, Monroe Doctrine, Gettysburg Address original printings and some manuscript material

The Colonial Era, The American Revolution and The Federalist Period- Original broadsides on Drake's Circumnavigation, King William's War, William Penn, Queen Anne's War, King George's War, French and Indian War Battles, The Stamp Act, The Boston Tea Party, Lexington and Concord, Bunker Hill, Washington Crossing The Delaware and The Battle of Princeton, Arnold's Treason, The End of The American Revolution, Shay's Rebellion, The Whiskey Rebellion, Defeat of St. Clair by The Indians, The Death of George Washington, etc.

Original Letters and Manuscripts- relating to Jamestown (1608), Mass Bay Colony (1650's),King Philips War (1677), The Salem Witchcraft Trials (1693), King William's War (1690's), Queen Anne's War (1708, 09), Rogers Rangers (1756), The Fall of Ft. William Henry (1757), The Boston Tea Party (1773), George Washington Created Commander and Chief (1775), The Declaration of Independence Read to Native American Troops Embarking to fight against the British (1776), Washington Crossing The Delaware (1776), The Battle of Princeton (1777), The End of The American Revolution (1781), Washington to Assume Presidency (1789), The Whiskey Rebellion (1794), The Louisiana Purchase (1803), Battles of The War of 1812 (1812-1815), The Fall of The Alamo (1836), United States Takes California (1846), Mexican War Battles (1846-48), Civil War Battles (1861-1865), The Assassination of Lincoln (1865), Custer's Last Stand (1876), The Northfield Bank Robbery by The James-Younger Gang (1876), The Founding of Tombstone Arizona (1880's), Edison's Invention of The Light Bulb (1880's), Spanish American War Battles (1898), The NY Giants Winning The Second World Series (1905), The Titanic (1912), The Lusitania (1915), WWI and WW2, Eniac (1945) and Space Race (1957-1969) etc.

Original Newspapers, Periodicals, Photographs, Maps, Engravings and Ephemera: relating to every major event from Columbus to Present, Every major genre including Minorities, Wars, Politics, Presidents, International, Sports, Entertainment, Transportation, Aviation, Pirates, Outlaws, Gangsters and other Important Crime, etc.